Investor Relations

Volkswagen Financial Services N.V. participates in the Volkswagen Financial Services AG’s EUR 25 billion Debt Issuance Programme and in the EUR 5 billion Multi Currency Commercial Paper Programme. Furthermore the company has access to uncommitted credit facilities and to intercompany loans.

All issues under the above mentioned programmes are guaranteed by Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Volkswagen Financial Services N.V.

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Financial Report 2017 application/pdf 784.5 KB
Financial Report 2017 (semi annual) application/pdf 48.2 KB
Financial Report 2016 application/pdf 783.1 KB
Financial Report 2016 (semi annual) application/pdf 48 KB
Annual Report 2015 application/pdf 1.6 MB
Annual Report 2015 (semi annual) application/pdf 45.1 KB
Annual Report 2014 application/pdf 559.9 KB
Financial Report 2014 (semi annual) application/pdf 43.4 KB
Annual Report 2013 application/pdf 178.2 KB
Financial Report 2013 (semi annual) application/pdf 47.3 KB
Annual Report 2012 application/pdf 175.8 KB
Annual Report 2011 application/pdf 186.9 KB
Annual Report 2010 application/pdf 301 KB
Annual Report 2009 application/pdf 259.6 KB
Annual Report 2008 application/pdf 828 KB
Annual Report 2007 application/pdf 746.1 KB